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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Launch

TBWA\  Media Arts Lab

To launch the new iPhone 14 Pro, I worked with an incredible team of artists and fabricators to build a life-size maze full of colorful characters and magical little details. 

We captured wide shots of the maze and closeup portraits, exploring the playful world while highlighting the resolution capabilities of the new 48MP camera system.

An insanely fun combination of art and technology, the team was honored to receive a
Webby Award Nomination for Best Photography and Design in 2023.

Produced by: Ways & Means 

Photographer: Sam Cannon
Line Producer: Serene Bynum

Production Designer: Liam Moore
Stylist: Shirley Kurata
Hair: Gregg Lennon Jr
Makeup: Alexandra French
SFX Makeup: Malina Stearns
Movement Direction: Quenton Stuckey

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