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In partnership with Sierra Club

In partnership with Sierra Club and Life Is Beautiful Festival, Forest Bath—a 35,000 square foot immersive digital forest—invited attendees to experience a multi-sensory guided meditation in the middle of downtown Las Vegas.

Forest Bath was created for visitors to contemplate their relationship with the natural world in an unexpected space. Taking inspiration from the Japanese practice of “Shinrin-Yoku” (meaning “forest bathing”), festival goers were invited to wander, reflect and relax in sound and visuals drawn from Earth’s healing resonances and beauty. 

In addition to offering a moment of respite, the installation served as a reminder to festival-goers as to why we must do everything that we can to protect nature. RFID touchpoints allowed attendees to tap their festival wristbands and pledge their support of Sierra Club. Throughout the weekend, over 15K visitors came through Forest Bath and signed up to join Sierra Club in the fight against climate change

Visitors donned noise-canceling headphones as they made their way into the installation. The soundscape, composed by James William Blades, incorporated isochronic tones in sync with the natural frequency of the earth. 

The first space comprised of a dark scrim forest—a stark contrast to the bright, loud environment just outside. Wandering through the dappled light, this was a moment meant to quiet the senses and prepare the mind for meditation.


The second space featured four large video projections surrounding real grass knolls. The air felt cool and damp and the smell of grass filled the space. To create the video art, I filmed and animated approximately 45 minutes of unique collages using footage I shot on hikes as well as in my studio.


Curated by: Albie Alexander 
Scenic Design: Jennifer Whitney
Video Art: Sam Cannon
Soundscape: James William Blades
Lighting & Production: WorldStage

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