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In partnership with Glow Shenzhen

I was invited to participate in the third installment of Glow Shenzhen, a series of new media installations by international artists, illuminating the bay of Qianhai each night. On display from December 2021 to February 2022.

The immersive audio-visual piece was inspired by its location in the bay. As guests entered the enclosure, they were enveloped by sound and light. The color blue fills the space, and large, wave animations dance across the walls like liquid rising and falling. 

The sound design, created in collaboration with Aaron Liao, was inspired by the recycled plastic bottles utilized in the immersive structure. The final composition [06:26] features audio layers of breathing, blowing into glass bottles, and whistles; an attempt to recreate the feeling of listening to crashing waves.

A song we might sing to the sea in hopes it will sing back.


Artist: Sam Cannon 
Curatorial team: Minghei Lau & Mingshan Fan
Sound Design: Aaron Liao
Structure: M+W by Xu Dongliang

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